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the official history of the earth flag, earth day and john mcconnell

John McConnell, Octogenarian

Into his 80s, John McConnell continued to be active, working four to eight hours a day on his computer and telephone, advocating his message to the world. Anna kept their tiny two-bedroom apartment - one room was John's office - neat and clean; she prepared delicious meals and insisted that her husband get out and walk at least one-quarter mile each day.

Dear Heavenly Father, we pray that, as I reach near the end of my sojourn here, whatever your mission for me is that I might clearly understand how I can make a difference in changing the global state of mind and providing a way to continue the human adventure. - John McConnell, prayer at the beginning of a research interview with his biographer, Robert Weir, 26 August 2004, seven months shy of his 90th birthday

And that is John McConnell. A man who, as his friend, Robert Muller, said "never gave up" on his courageous ideas as a diplomat for Earth. A man admired by pollster George Gallup, Jr., as "an idealist, a visionary, a peacemaker," a person "needed for today, for our future." A man about whom former U.S. ambassador John McDonald said is "totally dedicated and committed to the concept of peace building through the environment."/p>

COMING SOON, PART 2: Applying John McConnell's Vision Today.

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